As many of you may know, once you've had a go at printing, it can very quickly take over your life!

And this is where I find myself now, sitting in my print studio, a business that I founded 6 years ago, whilst pregnant with my daughter. I'd been printing for about 20 years prior to setting up Hey Ho Print Co. at school, as a hobby and creating merchandise for punk bands on the record label I ran in Leeds.

As a Graphic Designer, I tried my hardest to include different print techniques on the projects I was working on whenever I got the opportunity, record covers, brochures, business cards. Getting the finished products back from printers was always really satisfying but nowhere near the same as getting your hands inky from doing the job yourself.

So I stopped my lecturing job at Leeds College of Art and concentrated more on freelance design work and printmaking. You then begin to invest in the equipment, very large and heavy equipment. You need somewhere to house it and before you know it your home has been turned into a fully functioning print facility!

It brings me a great amount of happiness passing on my knowledge and expertise in all aspects of printmaking, creativity and setting up a business on your own. Our workshops always receive the same feedback - fun, friendly and welcoming. And people keep coming up back so I guess we're helping to spread the addiction but I couldn't think of a better practice to let totally consume your life!

We've got some more stories coming soon on our blog, from fellow printmakers and creatives who have come to use our print studio, got the bug and how it's affected them since.

Please let us know your stories of life changes and passions involving your love of print.