Open Access

If you have experience already and are capable of working independently, just book an open access session and get started. You do not need to be a member to use the studio.

The printmaking studio has equipment for water-based screen-printing, intaglio, relief printing and fabric printing.

What we charge and what you get

Our Open access print studio time allows competent printmakers to independently work using our print facilities, access to technical support* and the opportunity to purchase art materials and equipment at reasonable prices.

We charge for use of the print facilities on a full or half day basis.

Full day (10am – 4pm) fee is £15

Half day (either 10am – 1pm or 1pm – 4pm) fee is £10.

What your fee includes:

Use of all workshop equipment, including unlimited exposure unit use, light sensitive emulsion and screen cleaner. Newsprint for any test prints is also included.

*We provide a 1 hour induction free of charge in which you can ask for technical assistance to a basic level.

What your fee does not include:

Storage – if you would like to store materials, screens, etc, at the workshop, there is additional annual charge of £20, payable on your first session your screens will be stored.

Screen hire – if you would like to use our screens there is an additional charge £2.00 per screen per day.

Paper, inks, print medium, parcel tape, masking tape and other sundries. These can be bought from our shop. A separate price list is available for these items if requested.

Technical support – This is only available on Thursdays and our Saturday session. The technician fee is £12 per hour. We do offer a 1 hour induction at the beginning of your first session. This will give you some basic support from our technician and you are welcome to ask questions during this time.

Please note all bookings cancelled in less than 24 hours notice will be charged for.


All new users must undergo an induction into the equipment and Health and Safety and will be assessed on their ability to work safely and independently. If we think you need a refresher we will recommend you attend a workshop or book a one on one session with a technician. Inductions take half an hour and the price is included in the first session fee.